The Flower Garden

How to Grow Flowers from Seed

To be published in Spring 2019 by Laurence King, The Flower Garden is a collaboration with friend and photographer Sabina Rüber. Based on several years of growing and trialling seeds ourselves, it contains short profiles of 58 flowers and our recommended varieties to grow from seed, some of which you can see here.


Compost was one of the first books I wrote in 2002. I was commisioned to write it after a piece on allotment composting appeared in Gardens Illustrated. The book was reprinted in 2014 after Beth Chatto mentioned it in a list of her top ten gardening books - the pinnacle of my career! It has just gone out of print again - watch this space, maybe we can bring it back into print....

Painterly Plants

A collaboration with photographer Sabina Rüber, published by Merrell in 2012. The book contains Sabina's beautiful images of 14 well known flowers, from the tulip to the hellebore, with potted histories of each. Sadly no longer in print.

Your Allotment

This was first published in 2007 and now out of print. I had an allotment in London for several years and this book came as a result of that. A collaboration with the photographer Francesca Yorke, it was a fun book to write, and it brings back fond memories of all my allotment buddies at Fulham Palace. 

From Bud to Seed

The namesake of this site, From Bud to Seed was the name of two books I wrote in 2001 in collaboration with the photographer Carol Sharp, who runs the picture library One was on annuals, the other perennials, looking at the lifecycle of some of our best known plants through the seasons. Now out of print.